Meet Jen Sumko

Style specialist Jen Sumko believes that your home should be unique, warm, and crafted with care with a pop of color. You should be able to express yourself in your everyday dress. 

She believes that a thoughtful mix and match of patterns, textures, old and new, and price points is what creates a home as well as your dress with added character. With an emphasis on wallpaper and textiles, Jen transforms nooks, rooms, and whole homes into charming spaces that bring you joy every day. She has also created a bespoke collection of dresses that is timeless. 

Her design philosophies and approach to design consulting doesn’t stop with interiors or dresses. Jen embraces pattern, color, and personality in fashion and statement accessories as well as in her earring collection. Her personal style is one of comfort, ease, and eclecticism.

Jen works with clients across the U.S. and her projects range in scale. Jen recently designed the Dillard's Spring and Summer collection and has the current Fall 2024 Dillard's Collection in line for this Fall release. Jen has collaborated with women and companies across the world to bring the highest quality and unique bespoke handmade earrings and dresses to market. Jen resides in Arizona with her husband and four children.

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