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Thursday Thoughts

Why did I choose to become a source for wallpaper and textiles specifically?  The answer is because I believe the impact of a room can be dramatically made better with just a few changes in textiles and wallpaper.  In many circumstances because of budget or time restraints in many people lives, a little lift is all that is needed to help improve a space.  Whether it be a new pillow, a change of drapes, or just a touch of wallpaper a space can be transformed.  It can happen almost instantly and with little effort.  You can change the look and feel of a room without having to hire countless designers, and contractors.  Just a few simple items can liven up your space and bring happiness to a room.  

So happy to have you join me along in this process of starting something old (textiles and wallpaper have surely been around for a while),  something new (for me), something fresh, and always something with a touch of blue.  Happy Thursday to you all.  











Favorite Color Pink Room Paint

Girls bedrooms are definitely one of most favorite to decorate.  I live vicariously through my own daughters room since the time they were both born.  Finding just the righ paint colors in each room is tricky, and pink is especially tricky.  I have tried a few and have chosen my most favorite to share. 

Benjamin and happiness is hands down the winner.  It has just a hint of coral undertone, which gives it just the perfect vintage feel.  A tiny less sweet than most pinks it brings out a just the right hue with most light and rooms.  It pairs so beautifully with Caitlin Wilson Textiles and her Gingham Wallpaper.


I love this flora framed Gucci wallpaper so much I added it to my shop.  


Dress Day

Happy Friday. Dress crush as of late. Damarius Bailey is a mother based in Los Angeles, California. She is currently designing and selling the most beautiful dresses I have loved ALL summer long. I haven't decided which dress I love more, the yellow or the blue and green. Which one do you all love?


When we moved into our "new" current house my favorite job I took upon myself was to find the perfect wallpaper for the girls room (I have two). The hunt was on and with thousands of options it was no small feat to find just the "right" one. I then happened upon this Nathan Turner wallpaper and instantly fell in love.
My theme crush for the week is strawberry's. Perhaps it's partly because I love red, white, and green. Add a little green in the mix and it gets even better in my opinion.
Wallpaper is a great way to add a major statement without having to clutter walls with décor and other art. It may seem like a big investment on the front end, but in my experience wallpaper has always been worth its weight in gold as far as return on design. Never met a room I chose wallpaper for I didn't love!

Some other favorite Strawberry finds....


Shopbop Sweater on Sale

Strawberry Splurge Earings Anthropologie

Such a darling little bag Shopbop

Beautiful "Strawberry Art" from Anthropologie

And seriously !!! these adorable little baby slippers also from Anthro.