Thursday Thoughts

Why did I choose to become a source for wallpaper and textiles specifically?  The answer is because I believe the impact of a room can be dramatically made better with just a few changes in textiles and wallpaper.  In many circumstances because of budget or time restraints in many people lives, a little lift is all that is needed to help improve a space.  Whether it be a new pillow, a change of drapes, or just a touch of wallpaper a space can be transformed.  It can happen almost instantly and with little effort.  You can change the look and feel of a room without having to hire countless designers, and contractors.  Just a few simple items can liven up your space and bring happiness to a room.  

So happy to have you join me along in this process of starting something old (textiles and wallpaper have surely been around for a while),  something new (for me), something fresh, and always something with a touch of blue.  Happy Thursday to you all.  











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